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In 1964, the Tobin-Stahr Company hired Chicago Bear football player Bob Wetoska to sell a new Dow Chemical product, Saran Wrap S vacuum shrink bags, to meat, poultry and cheese plants in Chicago. Sales of vacuum packaging materials grew rapidly in the early 1970’s and in 1976, Tobin-Stahr began to sell vacuum packaging machines from Europe as a dealer for Smith Equipment.

These relationships allowed Bob Wetoska to bring this innovative new technology to the Chicago food packaging industry. As a pioneer in vacuum packaging, Bob’s extensive problem solving experience benefitted both small and large producers.

In 1988, Bob purchased Tobin-Stahr and renamed it Wetoska Packaging Distributors. The tradition of food packaging innovation and problem solving continues today. In 2001, the company was sold to the Wetoska children and is currently led by Steve Wetoska, a 23 year veteran in the food packaging industry. Servicing the entire Midwest region, the company offers flexible packaging solutions to the most complex problems in the meat, fish, dairy, cheese, bakery and snack markets just to name a few.

In its fifth decade, the company philosophy remains the same as it was in the 1960’s: Provide customers with quality products and excellent service at a competitive price.

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I have been dealing with Wetoska Packaging for over 20 years, they have
been a excellent company to work with, my salesman has always been quick
to respond to any of our needs, I would highly recommend them to anyone
looking to have a great quality product to work with and also to have a
great working relationship with.

Mike M

Chicago Area Meat Purveyor