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Comparing pre-made versus thermoformed trays

We came across a very interesting article written by Chip Bolton on the discussion about using pre-made versus thermoformed trays. In today’s marketplace any discussion about trays quickly boils down to pre-made versus thermoformed. It’s as though there is a right and a wrong answer. There isn’t. Solid arguments can be made for both because each has its place. You can read the article on the Provisioner Online website. Click here to read... read more

Addressing shelf life concerns for meat and poultry

Keeping product on the shelf for as long as possible is one of the most challenging issues facing processors. Product can remain unsold on the shelf for many reasons, including unattractive packaging, discoloration and spoilage. According to a USDA Economic Research Service report, more than 2 billion pounds of meat and poultry are wasted at the retail level. Click here to read... read more

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–  Mike M., Chicago Area Meat Purveyor

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