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Company Directory

 Management Team

Bob Wetoska, Chairman

Steve Wetoska, President
847-437-6100 X12

Janet Newham, VP Operations
847-437-6100 X11

Alexis Wetoska Malayter, VP Inside Sales and Marketing

Mark Cooper, Manager Sales and Marketing

Field Sales

Katherine Wetoska, Sales Representative
847-437-6100 X16

Matt Wetoska, Sales Representative
847-437-6100 X24

Patrick Meyer, Sales Representative
847-437-6100 X27

John Murray, Sales Representative
847-437-6100 X28

Dan Robertson, Sales Representative

 Inside Sales

Liz Gumprecht, Inside Sales Manager
847-437-6100 X20

Renee Everson, Customer Service Representative
847-437-6100 X21

Victoria Wetoska Freda, Inside Sales Assistant
847-437-6100 X10


Sue Earley, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
847-437-6100 X15

Joan Rasmus, Purchasing Assistant
847-437-6100 X32

Technical Service

John Kreslin, Warehouse Manager/Parts & Service Coordinator
847-437-6100 X23

Felix Perez, Service Technician

Dave Cook, Service Technician
847-437-6100 X25

Rigoberto “Coca” Valencia, Warehouse
847-437-6100 X19


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I have been dealing with Wetoska Packaging for over 20 years, they have
been a excellent company to work with, my salesman has always been quick
to respond to any of our needs, I would highly recommend them to anyone
looking to have a great quality product to work with and also to have a
great working relationship with.

Mike M

Chicago Area Meat Purveyor